farewell to a friend

I just wanted to say goodbye to my cat Lanci, beloved friend and almost brother. Last week, at the age of 19, he left me and my family to go playing somewhere up there. He would have been 94 years old by human age; however, this time passed too fast for me.

He has been the featured star in a videogame I programmed back in the University (I don’t recommend you to download the code, I left it on a old webpage of mine and it must been full of viruses now) and I tried to involve him in a experiment to demonstrate empathy in animals. I won’t post many pictures here, but imagine that I was 8 years old when he came in our house.

He is probably waiting for me to go get a nap on the sun or to poor next to me on the sofa, or to play and bite my hands. I will miss him a lot.

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