looking for someone to help me annotate the N-Glycosylation pathway on reactome

I am collaborating with the reactome database to create an entry for the N-glycosylation pathway in human. Most of the job is already done, however the only problem I have is that I have to find someone expert on the topic to review it before it can be published on the reactome.


So, if you know a lot about glycosylation, or know somebody interested, you can contact me… this work will probably lead to a small publication on a peer-review journal, maybe Oxford Journals/Databases or some glycosylation specific one.

I started annotating the N-glycosylation pathway by myself because I have been studying this pathway very closely and I wasn’t very happy with the annotation on KEGG/Pathways. The N-glycan biosynthesis pathway annotated there is fine, but there are a few errors* and after trying to contact Kegg’s maintainers a few times, I decided to do all the work by myself on Reactome.

Note: I am not sure if I can post it here already, but here is a link to the provisional entry that I am annotating.

* errors on KEGG pathway for N-glycan: some genes and some interactions are missing; some reactions are clustered together in a way I don’t like; I don’t understand the logic behind the last steps)

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