check the PRBB programmers’ blog

The Parque Recerca Biomedica Barcelona (PRBB) is the building where I work. It is a big research center built about 5 years ago, hosting about 2000 scientists working on different fields and of different nationalities.

Here, we organize many different activities related to Programming. For example, we have a Python Programmers Meetup Group which used to meet once per month; or we have a series of Technical seminars about programming related stuff. Plus, we make a short meeting every Tuesday, to discuss about geekish things

To coordinate all these events, I am setting up a wordpress blog. Check it out:

If you work in the PRBB, you can check this blog to know what is going on, and whether some of the programming related activities may interest you. If you live in Barcelona, you can still check it out, because most of these activities are open to the public. Even if you don’t live in Catalunya, that blog may still be interesting for you, as it is a way to have an ‘inside view’ of what we do here and what tools and programming languages we use. It may also give you some inspiration on the kind of activities that interest a group of bioinformaticians in a big research center, and can be helpful if you want to emulate the initiative :-).

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