my poster featured in the “Better Posters” blog!

My ECCB2012 poster has been featured in the Better Posters blog. Check the article here:

I am glad because betterposters is one of my favorite blogs. It’s a blog about designing and improving posters for scientific conferences, and it contain many tips and examples of how scientific posters can be improved.

The poster featured there is the poster of the “Post-its”, which I briefly described in the article of the “best practices“.

Here are some other comments and tips from my experience of using post-its to get feedback during a conference:

– The post-it thing requires some active effort in order to get started. The best is to ask some friends to come to your poster at the beginning of the session, and post the first notes. When other people see that there are already many post-its attached to the poster, they feel more confident to contribute.

– To get many notes, you have to actively ask people to do it. In my case I prepared a short 5-minutes talk to explain the poster, which I kept repeating the whole poster session. After the speech, and after answering questions, I told the listener that I was doing a little “experiment”, or “game”, and if they wanted to participate by attaching a post-it to the feedback area.

– People may get displeased if they are not able to come up with a question to post. When you ask them to put a note on the poster, you are putting them under pressure: they may come from different backgrounds, you have just explained them your whole project in 5 minutes, and they may not have any idea about what you are presenting.

Thus, you have to help them criticizing your poster. One possibility is to suggest them to write down any question they may have asked during your speech (“you don’t have any idea of what to put on the  post-it? But you asked me a very important question before, about …., why don’t you write it on the poster?)

– The “Other Comments” section was very important. In the end, people used it to post comments on how to improve the graphical aspect of the poster (remove the shadowing of the title, simplify the text, etc…). Thus, people who didn’t have any clue on what to criticize about the contents of the poster, could still make some suggestions about how to improve the design.

– another advantage of this poster is that the title is large, so people can read it from a larger distance. The shadowing thing was a bad idea, but still, the fact that the fonts were large, and the the university logo was at the bottom, helped me a lot.


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