Twitting from the X CRG Symposium on “Computational Biology of Molecular Sequences”

Today and tomorrow I will be attending a symposium organized here in Barcelona, about bioinformatics analysis of molecular sequences. Many well known bioinformaticians will participate, including Temple Smith (the Smith & Waterman algorithm), Amos Baroch from Expasy and Tim Hubbard from the EBI institute. Check the programme here, or the Streaming Video here.

The organization of this Symposium as been innovative in a “web 2.0 way”, as the participants have been able to interact in advance with the speakers, through a online web forum. For example, we have been able to propose to Tim Hubbard to explain how the concept of reference genome will evolve in the 1000genomes era, and, seeing that he has changed the title of his presentation, it seems that he is going to talk about it.

So, if everything goes well, I will be twitting from there… This is the first time I use twitter during a conference, so be kind with me :-).


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