Starting from 3

Dear readers of this blog,

I have decided to start writing new posts and articles in this blog, and temporanely abandon the idea of restoring the old contents, which I will try do to when I will have more spare time.

The responsability of the blackout of this site is both mine, because I haven’t been very keen on fixing it, and of my host provider, which changed the conditions of the contract too quickly without giving me enough time to make a proper backup and organize a migration.

Now I have a raw SQL file containing all the data in the previous blog, but because of a lack of time I didn’t manage yet to use it to restore the previous articles, so for the moment I will start writing new posts and restore the old contents as soon as possible.

I am sorry to have left you few readers of this blog for so much time, without giving any explanations nor trying to restore it actively 🙂 I hope I will be able to do better in the future.

Cheers, and break a leg for your plans of conquering the world with bioinformatics 🙂

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